The Heart Has Many Doors

The best introduction to this site doesn't begin or announce anything. Visitors will find it dispersed among the links to writers I admire (many of them good friends), the Emily Dickinson Museum where I work as a guide and writer, samples from my four books of poems, my recent work on Emily Dickinson's autumnal romance with the powerful Judge Otis Phillips Lord of Salem, images of food crafted by my husband Peter Czap, and the constant surprise of living in an 18th c. house, with critter-filled woods to the south and an ever-changing garden.

A guide at a writer's museum, I have learned, is a teacher, a performer, a teller of tales-sad, joyous, puzzling, moving. On a small scale, this website is a kind of writer's museum, populated not by myths, literary legends, or precious objects, but by a life that wears the prints of other lives.

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