Voices in the House

Voices in the House

"Susan Snively is expert in handling stanza forms, often with intricate rhyme schemes of her own invention. Not content, however, with what Marianne Moore spoke of as 'neatness of finish,' her poems seek to explore the more fugitive patterns of the unpredicted, the troublesome, the not-yet-mentioned. An alert concern with what happens in the lives of women is implicit throughout, and becomes explicit in such poems as 'Typing with the Nuns' and those dealing with Mary Stuart, with Charlotte Brontë, and in particular with Emily Dickinson. But in these poems Susan Snively is alert above all, as Emily Dickinson herself was, to the transcendent crises of being alive, from day to day and from moment to moment." —Amy Clampitt


"The richness of Susan Snively's new book comes from her technical care and emotional courage, but also from the polyphony explicit in her title. For whenever this poet 'found her voice,' she gave it freely to what and who are usually mute. This is exciting work." —William Matthews


Selections from Voices in the House

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