From This Distance

From This Distance

Many voices speak in these poems: a pioneer Mormon wife, Freud dying in London, the first photographer of the Loch Ness monster, a neolithic goddess of the seasons, and others caught in the mysteries of their times—mysteries which the poet may design but never solve.

Can you get there
from here, through the holes in the bones,
the charged sockets of the eyes
through which the blank page
shines like the sun?


"Snively seems wholly transformed by each of her muses and to have entered into their psychic mysteries." —Publishers Weekly


From a review by Adrian Oktenberg:  "The poems on Freud and his patients, on English earthgoddess legends, and her poem on the Loch Ness monster ("The Surgeon's Photograph") are all long, concretely achieved excursions into the unknowable."


Selections from From This Distance



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